Run autotagger on imported as-is items

Hi, first of all, thanks for the awesome program :slight_smile: .

I’ve got a program that automatically fetches music from internet, around 1000 songs each day, so manually tagging all of them is not doable on a daily basis.

Therefore I thought that I could do an automatic first import with the quiet flag followed by an no autotagged of the skipped elements.

But I also want the benefits of the auto tagger for metadata and duplication removal. So I was wondering if there was a way to run the auto tagger afterwards on an as-is imported item.

As a testcase, I’ve used the edit plugin to import a song with the following data:

  • artist: The.Pogues
  • title: the iris rover

I tried using beet import -L artist:The.Pogues"but nothing happened, so I went to the directory where the file was saved…/Non-Album/The.Poguesand runbeet import .`, it correctly used the autotagger, but now I’ve got two database entries for the same song:

  • The Pogues - - The Irish Rover
  • The.Pogues - - the iris rover

Is there a way to fix the metadata of the item without duplicating it?

Or maybe I’m trying to use beets in a way it’s not intended to. If it’s the case, do you know how can I achieve what I want?

Thank you so much

Hello! What you have done so far should indeed work. The first thing (with -L) perhaps didn’t work because it’s in album mode? You might try -s because you’re working with a single song, and trying to query with artist, not albumartist.

I’m not sure why the second attempt duplicated the song. Maybe you can include a verbose log?

Aha, yes! I think the symlink (i.e., the unequal paths) is probably the reason.