How to use discogs plugin?

I have discogs installed. So how do I actually use it? No one piece of documentation I have found explains how to actually utilize it? When I do import it just automatically grab music brainz? Do I need a special flag?

command: beet import ‘/Music/unsorted/Against Me!/’

Here is my config (I currently have lastgenre excluded from plugins.)

directory: ~/Media/Music/Music
library: ~/Media/Music/musiclibrary.db

    copy: yes
    write: yes

    default: %the{$albumartist}/$album - [$year] [$catalognum] [$media-FLAC] [${bitdepth}bit]/$albumartist - $album - $track - $title

plugins: extrafiles the discogs

    auto: yes
    count: 3
    prefer_specific: yes
    separator: ','
    source: album
    canonical: yes

          - 'cover.jpg'
          - '*.cue'
          - '*.log'
        cover: $albumpath/$album Cover
        cue: $albumpath/$album Cue
        log: $albumpath/$album Log

    user_token: ............
    source_weight: 0.0

I commented out th user key and the application DID prompt me to go to the discogs site and get a code and I went through that an it was all successful. But it still only pull Music Brainz without question. There’s got to be a flag right?

There is no flag! You might consider using verbose mode to check whether there are any messages from the plugin. Or use a timid import and request “more candidates” to see if the MB results are just higher-quality than the Discogs ones.

I tried verbose mode but it doesn’t really tell me anything it uses music brains no matter what.

How do I do timid mode??

So I read the documentation. Using -t works, but that proves MusicBrainz will always and forever be the defacto priority to anyone who ever uses Beets. Meaning, the only way to ever use the Discogs plugin is to use -t, otherwise Music Brainz will be used. Even with source weight 0.0.

As a workaround, you can edit the code in your installation. For example, patch _add_candidate method in to get rid of candidates which data source is MusicBrainz.

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