How to organize (Game, Movie, Anime, ...) OSTs and touhou vocal

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I want to find OSTs by the names of the sources(e.g, game, movie, anime, …).
I also want to see a list of touhou vocal songs and find them by various criteria on the following web pages.

Perhaps, beets can extract information from musicbrainz and some other data sources and automatically categorize OSTs and touhou vocals.

jansol suggested collaborating on, but it is very slow to load it on web browsers. Also, it is difficult to read text on etherpad. I think we need to collaborate somewhere else. Google docs and wiki come to my mind. I personally prefer AsciiDoctor to markdown, but the choice of markup language is secondary.

Fine, let’s do the planning here then.

So what fields would be relevant for OSTs and arranges? Right off the bat I’m thinking of:

  • Performer (exists, we might want multiple
  • Arranger (exists IIRC?)
  • Vocalist (exists)
  • Franchise
  • OriginalTitle
  • Composer (exists)

Not sure if these exist or if musicbrainz people would be very opposed to them:

  • TransliteratedOriginalTitle
  • TransliteratedTitle

Some general ideas about the guidelines:

Personally I’d very much prefer having the group doing the release as the artist. Especially in the case of arranges where almost the same people are behind all tracks but switch roles for each track.

For OSTs it makes a bit more sense to have the composer/performer tagged as artist, but cases where multiple people are working on the soundtrack and collaborating on some tracks while doing others by themselves make this a mess again.

Sorry for being late.

I think it’s more important to have a standard place for each contributor than to designate a single person as the artist.

Do I want songs written or sung by someone? I want to be able to search by the name of a person. The specific tag name is not very important as long as the meaning of the tag name is unambiguous.

In case of OSTs and touhou vocals, searching by franchise or the name of work is important.
I think a better tag name for franchise should be considered.
Franchise is not a good tag name because the meaning of the word can be ambiguous.

For touhou vocals, OriginalTitle is handy.

Three things are of importance.

  1. Searching by the name of a person
  2. Searching by the name of work
  3. The title of the original song from which the song was derived.

According to and, it seems a touhou vocal song can have multiple recordings.

I think it should be possible to differentiate multiple recordings of a touhou vocal in a database.

I found a cheap solution to my problem.

I could just add numbers of artists, album artists, genres, and so on to achieve what I want.
IDv2.4 allows multiple entries in a single tag.