How to go from as Tracks to Album ordering?

Hello people,

Some of my music files are organized as songs inside the band name folder like Nirvana/Smells-like-teen-spirit.mp3 but i don’t have the complete album. So there are several songs inside the band folder but not from the same album.

Is there a way I can import then as Tracks one by one but at the same time adding the Album info? Because when I import them as tracks they were copied to my destination folder as Non-Album/BandNameFolder/songname

Thank you in advance.

Edit: For future reference inside the band folder with several songs which are not from the same Album use the Group Album option when importing it works as expected.

Not currently; you have to choose between importing as an album and importing as individual tracks. One option might be to import them as an incomplete copy of Nevermind.

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Thank Adrian

So I have to place the songs of different albums on several folders or how do I import then as incomplete?

Yep. Or, if the metadata correctly marks the albums that songs belong to, you can try the --group-albums flag (more info in the docs).

Thank you very much Adrian, I can take it from here.