Tracks are in the wrong order, how to fix?

I’m trying to import some of my music. Some of which is pretty badly tagged, so that’s probably why I’m seeing this strange mixup (the titles are switched):

Correcting tags from:
    Cass & Slide - Perception (Additive 12AD061)
    Cass & Slide - Perception
(Similarity: 82.6%) (source, tracks, album) (Discogs, Vinyl, 2000, UK, Additive)
 * Perception (original mix)      -> Perception (Vocal Mix) (title)
 * Perception (vocal mix) (11:14) -> Perception (Original Mix) (10:40) (length, title)
[A]pply, More candidates, Skip, Use as-is, as Tracks, Group albums,
Enter search, enter Id, aBort, eDit, edit Candidates?

I’ve tried the eDit and edit Candidates option and switched a few things, but I can’t get this right.

How can I fix this?

Hi! The first thing to check in these situations is whether the tracks actually are in the wrong order. :slight_smile: Have you tried listening to them?

Also, can you expand a little more about how using the “edit” option went? You should be able to enter the right track numbers manually.

Hey Adrian,

I did verify that they were incorrectly matched. I’ve noticed that matching seems to be difficult with those single releases that I have recorded from vinyl. I guess the times are never exactly right and there’s just very little information to match on.

Anyway, I seem to have done something right in the edit screen because I managed to import everything the way it should be. If I remember correctly, I switched the track numbers and titles. I was a bit confused by the screen that appeared afterwards, but just pressed apply and it worked.

If I use the “eDit” function, it will edit the inputs and rematch against the candidate. Is that correct? Does it also change the files themselves? (lets say, if I abort, is anything changed?)

It’s actually the other way around, IIRC—it does the match, then lets you change the metadata that gets applied. These updates work exactly the same way as an unedited match, which is to say they might affect the tags if you have the import.write option enabled (which is the default).

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