How do I keep involvedpeople/TIPL field of being written?

Hi everybody.
I really like beets. And its moving me to study some code stuff here. Anyway my possibilities/capacities of going foward are very limited. So most of time I finish with errors and more errors. (also the lack of a regular internet connection it complicates :frowning: )
And searching in the docs also I get lost between “foos” or things that are given for understood to the common beet user (with a better knowledge base).
(sorry for my English, maybe make things hard also for explaining, even though I can read without problems :slight_smile: . But if its not understandable, please tell me, because my first question I don’t know if it remains unanswered because of this)

Some important data for me is written in the “involvedpeople” tag (I tagged it with puddletag_And includes info that is not usually there). Part of that info is the original path, that shows me from where/who the music comes from_(which of the people who shares the database have apported this music for the group).
(it would be interesting this field as stated here:“Should we start recording the original path and filename on import? - #3 by RollingStar”)

I realised that involvedpeople is not managed by beets. But anyway when importing, field get deleted, and most of times just replaced what I have stored , by the string “arranged:” (and then empty) I understand that “comment” field is not deleted, bad that we didn used that before, but as also had data…
I was trying the tagcopy plugin (GitHub - mattbarnicle/beetsplug: Various plugins for beets media organizer) but crashed with just hearing the word “involvedpeople” or TIPL.
Also blaclisting with the plugin “selectivetagging” (also from the same github).

So, wich would be the path to follow to keep this field untouched, even if beets wont be able to read/write it?
With mutagen-inspect TIPL (involvedpeople) gives : TIPL=[unrepresentable data]

It would be the “Extend Mediafile”? I don’t arrive to understand the example from the docs, but I read in the forum that some people used it for something similar.
(what would be the path “/path/to/foo/tag.mp3” ?? should be entered the path to the file how in the pugin? in the Writing Plugins — beets 1.4.9 documentation ) But anyway it would work if even mutagen cant read it?

Thanks beforehand for anyone who could explain the path to follow with this. (keeping the TIPL/involvedpeople tag). I really need a hand to understand it. :slight_smile:
And thanks for the work of every one that made this beets!