Writting artist country tag to file


I’ve just discovered Beets and it’s fantastic. I think I’ve got it most set up as I’d like but was wondering if there’s any way to write the artist country to the file metadata in the grouping field, language field, or any other field to be honest. I use this a lot and this would be the only thing bothering me now :frowning: I’ve searched through all the forums and stuff and can’t seem to find any solution.

I’ve got the beet-artistcountry plugin installed but from what I can tell that only changed the file path, which I’ve already done. I would like it written to the file so that I can browse by country in my music player.

Thanks in advance!

Hello! There is, unfortunately, not a perfect solution to this. Fortunately, it would be pretty easy to write a quick custom plugin that essentially does item.grouping = item.artistcountry; item.store() for every item in your library matching a query. But a proper, Python-free version of this would need this oft-requested feature:

ah okay thanks! that doesn’t sound too difficult but i have no experience with python - would you be able to point me in the direction of a bit of a guide or intro to writing the plugin?

much appreciated!

A great place to start is our plugin development docs:

Then take a look at one of the simpler beets-packaged plugins as an example—like this bit in gmusic:

Good luck!

Hi djgeezer, did you find the way to write the artist_country as a tag? would you like to share how?
Im in the same path… but also no python knowledge.

Hi, no I haven’t had a crack yet. I might have time on the future If I get to it I’ll share :slight_smile: