Ignore certain fields when writing or auto-tagging

I’d like to call up this issue where Adrian replied saying that there isn’t currently a way to tell beets to avoid updating certain fields during a write. Wondering if this has been addressed yet. My use case is I use the comments field to tag my music for DJ-ing purposes. To me, it seems reasonable that something like the comments field be left alone for the user’s own purposes?

Hello there!

Hmm… I’m a tiny bit confused—the beets importer doesn’t do anything to the comments field, so your custom information there should be preserved by default. You’d need to use the zero plugin or similar to clear it out.

Hi, thanks for the response! You’re right, it was my own mistake. I was viewing the metadata in a different program while editing with beets and didn’t realize that the program must write only on quit.
By the way, beets rocks!

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