How do I create a list of albums released after the albums in my library?

Hello everyone, First I want to thank the developers of Beet.
Here is my question: I would find it fantastic to be able to use Beet to get the list of albums (of all the artists in my library) that were released after the date of the last album I have in my library.
For example, if the last album I have in my library for the artist “Bilal” is “A Love Surreal” (released in 2013), it would return a list with the following information:
Bilal - 2015 - In Another Life - Release group “In Another Life” by Bilal - MusicBrainz
(Name of the artist - year of release of the album - name of the album - URL of the album on

Could you give me some hints ? Would there be a module about this? Or could you help me to make one if it doesn’t exist ? (alas, I have very little knowledge in coding, even if I can totally try with a little help!)

Thanks a lot to the Beet community!


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It sounds like the missing plugin is almost what you want. With the -a flag it will list all missing albums for artists in your library.

The -f flag for missing is broken at the moment, but if it was working you could use a bash script like this to achieve what you’re looking for (I wrote this script before realising missing -f is broken :man_facepalming:):

beet ls -af $'$albumartist\t$year' | sort -t$'\t' -k2,2nr | sort -t$'\t' -k1,1 -u | while read line; do
	albumartist=$(echo "$line" | cut -f1)
	year=$(echo "$line" | cut -f2)
	beet missing -af '$year $albumartist - $album' albumartist:"$albumartist" | awk "\$1 >= $year"

This gets the year of the newest release in your library for each artist and runs beet missing -a for each, filtering out any results which are older than the newest item in your library for that artist.

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