Is there a way to list recently imported albums?

I’d like to look also for recently changed albums, songs, etc
I’d greatly appreciate if anyone knows.

Try the following:

beet ls -f '$mtime - $added - $artist - $year - $album - $track - $title' | sort -r | less

beet ls -f "$mtime - $added - $artist - $year - $album - $track - $title" | sort /R | more

This lists the entire database and then reverse sorts the output based on the time the file was changed and when it was added.

mtime is the required field to query it only exists at the item/track level

Hope this helps.

edit. Fix windows command

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This is a fantastic answer, @arogl.

@arogl That’s great idea! Thanks man for input.
I have configured it differently though as I wanted it be more quick and robust.

Added configuration:

plugins: types 
    added: date

time_format: '%Y-%m-%d'

Then I’m using:
beet ls added:2020-07-30..2020-08-02 -a

The added field time only is when your files have been added to the database.

The mtime field is when anything was updated, via importing or mbsync.

I suggest the ImportFeeds plugin to create a playlist of all imports. I find it’s a great way to play music and search all my recent imports.