Beet ls -a doesn't show albums

For some reason and for some artists, occasionally, beet ls -a <filter> doesn’t show the albums. In many cases, for a band, I have 5 albums, but ls -a only show 2 or 3 of them. What could be the problem?

Could you give some examples and tell us what outcome you expected?

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I remember doing something like

beet ls -a artist:yob
YOB - Atma
YOB - Catharsis
YOB - Clearing the Path to Ascend
YOB - Elaborations of Carbon
YOB - Our Raw Heart
YOB - The Great Cessation
YOB - The Illusion of Motion
YOB - The Unreal Never Lived

but now it doesn’t work. It works only if I do beet ls -a and lists all the albums in my library.