How do I Remove albums with missing tracks



I have a mixed up music directory, with many full albums, and some with missing tracks. What I would like is a list (path) of the albums that are not missing any tracks!

I want to

  1. move the complete albums into a new place out of the way (into ~/Music/beets),
  2. complete the incomplete ones out-of-band
  3. periodically import the newly completed albums into beet


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Hmm—I notice that the missing plugin provides a $missing field for templates and queries. Would beet ls -a missing:0 work?


@adrian Thanks for getting back to me.

The first time I run your suggestion, it returned nothing. So i just run beet missing first, in the hope that I can populate the library with the $missing field. and It seems to have worked in some way.

beet ls -a missing:0 -f "\$id \$path"

The results returned are fewer than I expected, but manual inspection seems to indicate that $beets is correct :smiley:


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