How can I use both "year" and "original_year" in tags and paths?


Just started using Beets and it’s great!
I only have a problem with using both year and original_year in tags and paths.

Let’s say I have the same album in two versions, the first press and a subsequent reissue.
I would like to achieve something like this:
For the first press: Album Artist (Original Year) Album title
For the reissue: Album Artist (Original Year) Album title [Reissue Year]

The problem is that I would like to always have my files’ year tag to reflect the original year, and yes I can achieve this with original_date: yes in the config file.
But in this case I can’t have both the original year and the reissue year in the album path because both year and original_year output the same value (as expected).

On the other hand, if I use original_date: no in the config, I can differentiate the dates on the path, but the files themselves are tagged with the reissue year, while I would like them to always retain the original year…

Any way to achieve this? Thanks in advance!