Filling in ORIGINALDATE with DATE if there is no ORIGINALDATE

Looking through my library, I have some albums that don’t have ORIGINALDATE tag set. Is there a way to force the writing of the ORIGINALDATE tag?

Hi! What exactly do you mean—do you mean the original_year and other fields in beets? You can set those, like any other beets field, with the modify command.

Do you mean a tag with that name in a particular tag storage format? If so, you probably want to set fields like original_year to modify that tag.

I wrote some basic code to fill in date if original date was not available. This was only for file name purposes but maybe it will help you.

I mean tags. How do I link a beets field to a specific tag?

The other thing is, some albums don’t have an ORIGINALDATE or ORIGINALYEAR field, because they’re not remasters or reissues. Sadly, most music software is not smart enough to let you say 'Sort by ORIGINALDATE if present, and if not use DATE." They want you to sort by one tag only. So albums without an ORIGINALDATE or ORIGINALYEAR end up on the top of the list. So in cases where there is no original date or year, I’d like to have the option for beets to assume that the date and year fields should be used for the Original Date and Original Year fields. Does that make sense?

The mappings from beets fields to format tags is built into beets.

I don’t have a great suggestion for how you might conditionally assign the field with a command, but you might be able to do it with a custom plugin!

You mistaken me for someone who is actually good at python! :slight_smile: