Re-importing with new folder structure


I’ve been using beets for a year or so now and I love it so. Recently decided that I wanted to change my date tag to just YEAR instead of M/D/Y and to use original dates instead of reissue dates, etc, all my new imports follow this format.

I was wondering how can I run beets back over my entire library to change all my dates to original dates and clear day/month and then update with new folders but not touch any other fields because I’ve done a lot of manual tagging changes that I would prefer not to get messed with.

Library\Grachan Moncur III\2003 - Evolution -> Library\Grachan Moncur III\1963 - Evolution

Thank you!

directory: D:\Library
library: D:\beets\library.blb
original_date: yes
log: D:\beets\beetslog.txt
plugins: fetchart discogs ftintitle zero
pluginpath: D:\beets\plugins

fields: month day

auto: yes

auto: yes
sources: filesystem coverart itunes amazon albumart wikipedia google

default: $albumartist/$year - $album%aunique{}/$track - $title
singleton: Non-Album/$year - $artist/$title
comp: Compilations/$year - $album%aunique{}/$track - $title

Hello! There is no easy way I can think of to re-tag just the year field from MusicBrainz according to the original_date setting. Maybe others will be more creative.

However, updating your filenames is an FAQ: