Fetchart is not importing files

Actually my question is what is meant by ‘filesystem’ source in fetchart config if there isn’t any path given?

I assumed at first that library.db keeps info on the source path from where I have originally imported my library. But, I am not able to find that field.

Fetchart is not importing any files from my “filesystem” if by that it is assumed the original place of my files from where they were imported.

My config:

directory: /mnt/WDblue/Music
library: ~/.config/beets/library.db
plugins: filefilter convert duplicates lastgenre fetchart

    # First investigate source dir with$ find . -type f | sed -n 's/..*\.//p' | sort | uniq -c
    # path: .+\.(flac|Flac|FLAC|ape|wv)$
    path: .+\.(mp3|Mp3|MP3|m4a|ogg)$

    write: yes
    copy: yes
    log: ~/Documents/beet-imports-run3.log
    duplicate_action: skip
    quiet_fallback: asis

    dest: /mnt/WDblue/Music
    auto: true
    copy_album_art: yes
    never_conver_lossy_files: yes
    format: opus
            command: opusenc --quiet --vbr --bitrate 192 --comp 10 --expect-loss 0 $source $dest
            extensions: ogg

    # There is custom coarse grained whitelist file in ~/.config/beets/genre-coarsed.yaml
    whitelist: yes
    canonical: yes
    auto: yes
    count: 1
    source: album
    auto: yes
    fanarttv_key: REDACTED
    sources: filesystem coverart amazon albumart fanarttv wikipedia

The field is called artpath.

Maybe some output from some commands would help diagnose what’s going wrong?

Hi Adrian, thanks for such prompt reply. I can see that $artpath field is filled for all the tracks in my library that have found an albumart. However, I don’t have a clue how some of them did find the cover art and from which source since -vv is not giving me any useful info. I have one example for which I am sure I have the art at the original position of files (from where they have been imported) and beet fetchart is not picking that up. In other words:

  • Source folder in my filesystem from where the album 1328 was imported from has folder.jpg file

$ beet -vv fetchart -f  album_id:1328
user configuration: /home/db/.config/beets/config.yaml
data directory: /home/db/.config/beets
plugin paths: 
Sending event: pluginload
library database: /home/db/.config/beets/library.db
library directory: /mnt/WDblue/Music
Sending event: library_opened
Sending event: cli_exit
  • This command is not moving folder.jpg from the original position, it has no effect.

Also, I see that $artpath is in fact the path of imported files. I still don’t understand what is meant by “filesystem” source?

Hmm; you understand it correctly: the filesystem source is indeed supposed to pick up image files that are in the same directory as the music files.

I think the problem here is unrelated: the query album_id:XX isn’t matching anything. (Try it with beet ls -a to see.) You might want to use just plain id, or query by one of the more normal fields.