Manually adding artwork

In cases where fetchart is unable find artwork for an album, what’s the best way to add it myself? I’ve been copying the artwork into the album folder, naming it cover.jpeg and then updating the artpath with beet modify -a - is this the best way to go about it? It’s a bit of a pain to do (although I’m sure I could write a script to do it for me).

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Once artwork is in the same dir as music, just run

beet embedart albumartist:[regex] album:[]

That is what I have used

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I get a No album art present error for albums which have never had artwork when running embedart, but running fetchart with the filesystem source enabled followed by embedart works - thanks!


Indeed! Running beet fetchart with an appropriate query is currently the way I do it. It might be nicer to have some kind of special-purpose way to give a specific filename to “attach” album art… or perhaps an option to the fetchart? Not sure.