New user / database - files deleted upon import

Installed Beets via docker image, made a few changes to config file to change folder convention for \genre \album year - album name\ - all other settings as default.

After a few test imports, I noticed that one artist wasn’t in the destination folder, and the source files from the import folder were removed as well.

The tracks are listed in a query, but asking for path returns a result that doesn’t exist on the disk.
Other albums list the path as /music/genre/artist/album/tracks
But the missing album has a path of /artist/album/tracks

I started submitting a bug report, but was discouraged when seeing similar bugs listed that were closed due to inactivity. I’ll be discontinuing my use of beets for the time being. I hope this gets resolved.

I’m sorry you ran into trouble. Having details about exactly how to reproduce the problem would be helpful to understand what’s going wrong.