Feature Request: Improve Importing Duplicate Releases

When I import a “duplicate” album, sometimes I already have multiple versions of the album in the database. When I choose the “remove old” version, I’d like a way to pick which ones will be removed.

For example, I have both the original and extended (2cd) versions of Pablo Honey by Radiohead. Then I downloaded the original again, but in FLAC instead of MP3. I wanted to remove the old MP3 version of the original release and replace it with the new FLAC version, but NOT remove the MP3 extended version. Currently, it’s all or none.

How could this feature be implemented properly and in a user-friendly way?

Well, I’m not sure about the coding part of this. However, I think that when showing the duplicates available, they should be numbered (and also have their unique ID shown, but that’s another request). The prompt should say something like “Skip New, Keep both, keep Some, Remove old, Merge all”. When you select “keep Some” or S, it should ask “what numbers?” Then you provide (in one command) what numbers to keep. So if I want to keep 1, 3, and 14, I input “1 3 14”.

Interesting! This does sound like a reasonable request, although it will make the prompt more complicated. It’s also worth considering whether the merge option should also have this “selection” feature.

I’ve never used the merge option, but I’m sure it would benefit from the same thing!

I think that more complicated is good, if it adds a feature. Complicated for the sake of complicated isn’t good.

After all, CLI is more form over fashion, anyway. So it would probably fit without being too intrusive.

Here’s one other idea, just for fun: add a single “Select” option, which shows a numbered list and lets you apply any action—ignore, merge, delete—to any album copy, old or new. This could hide the complexity from more casual users while making the selective interface more powerful.

In any case! The home for feature requests is GitHub issues, if you don’t mind writing this up there.

I’ll make a feature request to the github after school. Thanks for listening! Such a kind and helpful dev. :slight_smile: