Delete album instead of skip on quiet import?

When importing large libraries using the quiet option it is skipping a lot of albums which are already in my library. This is fine but what I would like would be for it to delete the album or replace existing only upon certain conditions.

  • If new album is mp3 and existing is flac delete new.
  • if new album is mp3 and existing is mp3 delete new
  • if new album is flac and existing is mp3 replace old

I know i can do this in interactive mode, but just wondering if there is an option to achieve this in quiet mode. It would help me out in importing a lot of new music coming from network mounts which have a habit of disconnecting every now and again.

When reading the docs I have found the option duplicate_action but it doesn’t seem to allow any parameters such as bitrate.

Hi! We don’t currently have a system for defining rules to determine duplicate resolution, unfortunately. Here’s a relevant issue you may be interested in: