Automatically merging two collections by file type


I have two sets of music files in my collection, one of FLACs and one of MP3s, and there are duplicates of many of the FLACs in the mp3s. I am combining the two by linking into a third directory and I can watch the import and hit S or R to deal with duplicate issues but is there a way of automating this within beets? I can presumably extend via scripting or a plugin but just wanted to check.


Interesting situation! What exactly would you want to automate? Skip all FLACs, and import all MP3s?

Depending on what “goal state” you want, you could consider using the duplicate_action config option creatively—perhaps in multiple passes—to make automated decisions.


The approach I have taken so far is to import the mp3 tree, then import the FLAC tree, and if an album exists as FLACs, remove old by hitting R manually, but it’s a very slow process. As the processing isn’t destructive I’m thinking about using expect to automate the keypresses, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything in beets itself.


Ah, I see! If that’s the case, it seems like setting duplicate_action to remove would automate what you’ve been entering manually, right?


Makes sense, I’ll give it a try.