Extend duplicate_action setting

I want to write a plugin for handling duplicates of the same release in different bitrates.
I’m aware of the existing duplicates plugin, but I want to handle it while importing, as I’m iterating through an old backup of my library, and I don’t want to use duplicate_action: ask for the 1300+ releases that I have the exact same files as in the backup.

I was hoping to add some logic to the before_choose_candidate event, comparing bitrate and item count. Some pseudocode to illustrate my point:

duplicate_action: bitrate
if old_bitrate < new_bitrate || old_count != new_count:
   ask for input

Hello! We don’t really have a perfect plugin event yet for resolving duplicates, but the idea recently came up on a GitHub issue:

Made a comment on Github :slight_smile: Thank you @adrian for your dedication at user support for this project!