Export plugin cannot export path

Hello. I have realized that export plugin cannot export path (path to music files). It happens that I have songs without data (artist, title) filled and only way to distinguish exported song is by path.
I checked the code and can se that the following line causes the problem (info.py):
data.pop(‘path’, None) # path is fetched from item
Is there any specific reason that this is needed? I tried removing this line locally on my side and all still seems to work.
Does anyone know if anything would break by removing this line?

Interesting! The problem, I think, is that the export plugin reuses code from the info plugin. In the context of the latter, it’s important to remove path from the returned data because the path is already displayed in another context in that plugin’s output.

On the other hand, including the path in the export plugin’s output seems like a good idea. (Perhaps it should be optional so that people can get path-free exports that don’t leak anything about their system setup, in case they want to share the result with the world, for example.)

Perhaps it makes sense to add an additional parameter that allows the latter to disable that removal.

Thanks for explanation. I can do that and submit pull request in a few weeks (quite busy)

Pull request is up.