Convert files in place

Hi, I am trying to make this config convert flac files to mp3 and leave them in the original directory with its original name.

Is this possible? Thanks

Command Used:
beet -vv import -C /DATA/lidarr/Complete/

My Code:

Hi! The convert plugin in auto mode should do it:

Yes that will convert non mp3 but my actual problem right now is leaving the new files in their original place.

That’s what auto mode does. :slight_smile:

When i run it it always puts it in a new artist/album folder instead of the original folder.

Well, that (depending on exactly what you mean) is what importing does, even if you don’t convert. You could try configuring it to not copy/move, or import first and then run the beet convert command separately?

when i change copy and move = false the script without the convert plugin will save the tags to the file in its source dir/file. As soon as i throw in the convert plugin it makes a mp3 in the Complete folder and the directory names are named for the path. So the new path is /DATA/lidarr/Complete/_/DATA/lidarr/Compete.mp3

Aha! Sorry for being slow; now I finally understand what you’re trying to do. For future reference, this kind of detail (which plugins you’re using, which config options you’ve tried, etc.) would be very useful to include in the original post.

Please see this issue:

Thank you for your reply. OK so currently not possible to convert with beets, a file in its place without touching the original folder structure or filenames?


You can always import first, and then run beet convert with the -k flag to keep the new files in a second step!