Can I apply clutter retrospectively?

Hi, having just started my beets journey, my first import went well but upon review, I can see that I didn’t use the clutter option to help tidy up my source/download folder.

With that I’m mind, can I apply clutter retrospectively?

If not, is there a command I can use via the command line to achieve the same result ? I found this, to list any folder that has under 1 few mb in which suggests it’s got very few files, or nothing in…

du -sm * | awk '$1 < 2'

But can’t work out how to move them to a different folder. I tried this, which i cobbled together for a variety of other posts i saw - any help is appreciated,.

du -sm * | awk '$1 < 2' -exec mv {} /share/Container/beetsV2/music/111my_empty_folders4 \;

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