Import albums and singles from one command?

I want to import a directory where the root is full of singles and there are sub-directories of albums. I know that to import singles I need to specify -s. I guess I could manually move the singles out of the root directory to somewhere else before importing. Is there a cleaner way to do it though?

I want to run this command fairly regularly as this is essentially importing loosely organised music from a ‘downloads’ folder into a neat ‘music’ folder.

Interesting! I suppose you could use two commands that import files and directories separately. I didn’t actually test these, but something along these lines might work:

$ beet import -s `ls music/*.mp3`
$ beet import `ls -d music/*/`

So I’ve successfully got things importing just the subdirectories using:
beet import ~/beets-test/toClean/*/

I’ve set my import options to move: yes

When I do that the files all move. But the original directory + any additional files eg an album image isn’t deleted. Is there a way to ensure that this happens?

It’s pretty hard to say without looking at your full configuration. Can you include it?

Also, did you know that additional files aren’t deleted by default? For that, you may want to try the clutter config option.