Ignoring files like m3u, cue, sfv, pls etc. during import/move

I’m trying to get rid of all sorts of unwanted files in my music folders like m3u, cue, sfv, pls files etc.
@macleodmike shared the following part of his config file:

# Artifacts
  ext:cue: '$albumpath/$album'
  ext:CUE: '$albumpath/$album'
  ext:log: '$albumpath/$album'
  ext:LOG: '$albumpath/$album'
  ext:m3u: '$albumpath/$album'
  ext:m3u8: '$albumpath/$album'
  ext:pls: '$albumpath/$album'
  ext:nfo: '$albumpath/$album'
  ext:sfv: '$albumpath/$album'
  ext:ffp: '$albumpath/$album'
  ext:accurip: '$albumpath/$album'

Is this the way to exclude/exterminate them?

I also found the following section in the default config:

clutter: ["Thumbs.DB", ".DS_Store"]
ignore: [".*", "*~", "System Volume Information", "lost+found"]
ignore_hidden: yes

Does this achieve the same?
What would be the preferred way to remove files you don’t want to end up with in your imported and moved music folder?

Thanks, Jan

By default I believe beets ignores most clutter. I use the copyartifacts plugin to track the clutter. Just from personal experience, I find I prefer not to ditch data if I don’t have to even if I don’t generally have a use for it. But I do like it to conform to standards, hence the path config for different clutter types.

Ah okay, thanks for clarifying that Mike!