Beet ls -a [bitrate]?

hi folks, is there any way to run a “beet ls -a [bitrate]” to display what bitrate that particular album mp3 has? I know you can have the same album in different bitrates, so a list of files with format it’s OK to me.

I’ve been looking at the ‘inline’ plugin, but the documentation is not really clear regarding how to do it.

I want to use beets instead of the lame ‘ls -a /music/folder’.

This ‘beet -v ls -f ‘$bitrate’ [query]’ sort of works but it’s not what I’m looking for.

Any idea? Thanks!

Hi! Can you please be a little more specific about what was confusing about the inline documentation? What didn’t work about following the directions on this page?

And what do you mean by “sort of works” and “not what you’re looking for”?


Sure. Of course I can! I’m sorry for not being completely clear.

  • What is confusing about the documentation: the documentation is clear regarding how to install the inline plugin but not how to use it. There’s no example of how to use it on the CLI. It’s probably this is confusing for me, not for everyone.

  • Sort of works: Well, that ‘beet -v ls -f ‘$bitrate’ [query]’ displays this:

    $ beet -v ls -f FLAC -a coltrane love supreme

    user configuration: /home/chetbaker/.config/beets/config.yaml

    data directory: /home/chetbaker/.config/beets

    plugin paths:

    Sending event: pluginload

    inline: adding item field disc_folder

    inline: adding album field format

    library database: /home/chetbaker/media/Music/_beets/musiclibrary.blb

    library directory: /home/chetbaker/media/Music

    Sending event: library_opened






    Sending event: cli_exit


So, the command works, but sort of works because it doesn’t provide me any information about the tracks, just what is displayed above.

  • What am I looking for: I’m looking for a beets command to know whether the files of a particular album are MP3 or FLAC files, instead of using the lame “ls -a /artist/album”. So, ideally I would like to have something like this (in case I have this album in FLAC and not in MP3):

    $ beet ls -f FLAC coltrane love supreme

    ‘01 - Part I - Acknowledgement.flac’

    ‘02 - Part II - Resolution.flac’

    ‘01 - Part III - Persuance.flac’

    ‘02 - Part IV - Psalm.flac’

    $ beet ls -f MP3 coltrane love supreme



Thanks, @adrian!

Hmm… but in this command, -f FLAC says “please print out the string “FLAC” for every track.” Did you mean -f '$bitrate'?

From your example, it looks like you want to list out only FLAC files or only MP3 files. You can do that with queries: for example, beet ls format:MP3 or beet ls format:FLAC. (Appending more query terms to that works too.)

Yeah, I guess is easier if I do that. Thanks a lot, Adrian.