Can you use inline plugin variable in searches?

I’ve created a av_bitrate album field in the inline plugin settings.
Is it possible to use such a variable in searches?

I’m asking this because I would like to find a way how I can search for all albums that have e.g. a lower average MP3 bitrate than 193 so that I can replace them with better quality rips.

So I’m looking for a query with which I can define file type and av_bitrate.
I’ve tried
beet ls -a format:MP3 '$av_bitrate':<193
But that didn’t work

Thanks, Jan

You’ll want to check out the types plugin, which lets you mark your custom fields as numeric (for example) so you can use range queries:

Then check out the syntax for this kind of query:

Namely, you’ll want something like av_bitrate:.193.

Thanks a lot, that worked like a charm.

Just reporting back if others seek solutions:
I have av_bitrate calculated per album with the inline plugin.
I do this to be able to parse the av_bitrate in my path like this:

/Albums/Common/The People (2007) (MP3 177)

With the following command I can filter all MP3’s with (in this case) a average bitrate lower than 193 Kbps.

beet ls -a format:MP3 av_bitrate:..193 -f "\$av_bitrate \$path"

I add the -f "\$av_bitrate \$path" to print the av_bitrate and the path in the terminal output. Like this:

128 /Volumes/Tunez/Albums/Aphex Twin/…I Care Because You Do (1995) (MP3 128)
192 /Volumes/Tunez/Albums/Fiona Apple/Extraordinary Machine (2005) (Jon Brion-produced leak 2005) (MP3 192)

One thing that I didn’t succeed in is to print the output like this which would have been nicer:

128 - Aphex Twin - …I Care Because You Do (1995)
192 - Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine (2005)

But that might require black belt formatting. Any ideas are welcome.

Thanks, Jan

I couldn’t stand it that I couldn’t parse the output as desired. It was easier than I thought. With:

beet ls -af '$av_bitrate $albumartist - $album ($year)' format:MP3

You get the output like this

128  Aphex Twin - …I Care Because You Do (1995)
192  Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine (2005)