Bandcamp metadata plugin / preserve file creation date

I know this is a long shot, but I get most of my music from bandcamp, and often the releases don’t see discogs or musicbrainz entries. is there a chance that metadata could be drawn from the bandcamp site? especially genre tags, but also release date?

also, secondary question, is it possible to preserve the original creation date of files during import? I haven’t tried using the move option, but copy certainly doesn’t. is there a way to pass the uh -p tag through to the copy command?

thanks! this is a great app!

It’s certainly a possibility! In fact, it’s been proposed before—here’s the feature-request ticket.

For preserving file mtimes, see the importadded plugin. It has options for preserving mtimes on files (and tracking them in the database).

thanks for the quick response @adrian!

it seems like someone has made a plugin with basic functionality, have made a bugrequest to add genre retrieval support.

with regard to the importadded plugin, is there a way to preserve folder creation times as well? it’s just that I use that data to navigate my files.

ah, hopefully this means I can make some sense of my music library finally!

just as a totally inessential aside, I also can’t seem to find how to change the user profile picture - is this possible?

thanks again!

You should be able to change your profile picture on your account settings page here.