Update metadata and move files accordingly

hi there

after a lot of trial and error I finally give up. Is there a way to update the metadata of tracks and have those changes be reflected in the tags and folder structure? modify does work and changes the metadata in the DB but write doesn’t find any changes.

My library contains some albums that have the year set to 0000. thus my folder structure has the 0000 also in its name. I have updated the year field in the database by using beet modify year:0000 year=2018 going into the DB with a sqlite browser confirms the changes but why doesn’t beet write detect any files that need updating or am I using the completely wrong command?

If your configuration has writing turned off, you may need to pair this with a beet write to update the files themselves.

Hi adrian, I checked my config and writing was turned on. However, I did an additional beet write and it worked. No idea, why it didn’t before but after doing the global beet write beets now also writes the changes when I modify tracks…

thx for the help!

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