AURA Web Client

Hello everyone,

I’ve made a client for the AURA specification which can be used with the beets AURA plugin I made.

It has a very unoriginal name and it’s not beautiful, but I quite like how it works (not surprising since I made it). Take a look at it here.

I don’t generally like web apps so at some point I might make something more like cmus (maybe fork it so I don’t have to do the hard bits), but I thought for a first client it made sense to make something that can be used instead of the web plugin.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:



Aaa, this is so awesome! It doesn’t have to be beautiful to be very very cool. I really like that it uses a queue-based player! I will definitely use this. :tada:

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Thanks! In quite a few other players I’ve found the queue to be a bit of an afterthought so I wanted to make it more important

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Thanks Callum ! I’m switching to this client too.

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