Web (GUI) that displays album art?

I’ve tried the web plugin and it does show the tracks, but for me it doesn’t show album art.

Is there another GUI which does show the album art? (It can be a web app or a macOS app.)

Thanks for pointers!

You could use the beets AURA plugin along with AURA web client (both written by me). I find the main downside to be you can’t use beets queries :frowning:

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Not a beets plug-in, but this is the one I use. It works very good in coordination with beets.


Thanks @out-of-range. I’ve tried the AURA approach, but I get a “TypeError: Load failed” message.

What have I done?:

  1. I run the server in the default config on
  2. I run the client locally from the index.html file.
  3. I enter “” in the Server URL field in the web app, then click “Make Request”.

Any idea why this happens?

@halloleo That would be a cross-origin resource sharing error, if you put

    - "null"

in your beets config file it should work.

I should definitely make it clear in both server and client documentation that that is required for using browser clients :slight_smile:

Another option is Beetle: