Write to lyrics tag only

i’ve search the forum but didn’t found an answer. Is it possible to write lyrics to tags with the lyrics plugin and let the other metadata untouched?

Hello! You can use a non-autotagged import to avoid changing any metadata, and then use the beet lyrics plugin separately. Use beet write at any time to transfer the data from the beets database to the files.

So, to be sure to understand correctly:

beet import -A /path_to_music
beet lyrics
beet write


Looks about right to me! But in general, I recommend running this on just one or two files to start with (and keeping a backup!!). That’s the way to be sure you’re doing the right thing.

No, does unfortunately not working (quite right).

  • I have only loaded the lyrics plugin
  • lyrics got fetched
  • beets write leads to:
    double entry of already existing tag

seems to me as a bug