Is it possible to edit the template of the web plugin?


What I’m trying to get is a readable catalog of my music. So I was wondering if it would be possible for the beets web plugin to handle albums instead of individual tracks. So if I search for an artist it returns a list of the artist’s albums, if I search for an album, it return all its details on a page instead of a list of tracks.

The structure would be something like this:

  • Artist Index: Displays all the artists in the database
    • Artist Page: Individual artist page for albums to be listed.
      • Album Index: List of albums
        • Album page
          • Album info: Cover art, Artist, Title, Year, Format, Tracks
          • Custom fields

Or would it be better to build another plugin that fetches all this information from the database and displays it on a static HTML template?


Sounds cool! It’s certainly possible to improve the current plugin’s Web interface, which was really written as a minimal demo. I’d be interested to see what you make if you want to try hacking on that frontend.

In the medium term, we want to make these frontends “switchable” using a new standard API, AURA.