Tools for sample clearance

We are interested in building a tool for sample clearances and am hoping the Chroma plugin with AcoustID would help. Is that a little overly ambitious for the tool?

Are there any plugins that just search Publishing Rights Organizations?

That’s an interesting topic! I don’t know what this process usually entails—maybe you could explain in slightly more detail?

In general, Acoustid is not meant for identifying parts of songs; complete songs are the only real goal. But maybe I don’t quite see how you intend to use it?

Thanks Adrian!

I would not expect it to hear how Pharrell / Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines found inspiration or sampled Marvin Gaye’s Gotta Give it Up, but I was hoping to automatically tell if an MP3 was an acoustic version / cover / or instrumental version of a well documented record already known by AcoustID to have a tagged record label / owner / release date.

As far as I know, Acoustid is only really intended for exact matches—not, for example, for different covers of the same song. Perhaps AcousticBrainz would be useful for that, but it might be most useful to ask on the forums/mailing lists for those specific projects.