Tag for 'releasegroupdisambig'?

I just found out that beets supports release and releasegroup disambiguation, which I also use.

It looks like the tag for ‘releasegroupdisambig’ is ‘RG_DISAMBIGUATION’, is that correct and consistent for all file types? Also, is it handled case-insensitively?

Unfortunately, Picard calls these ‘_releasecomment’ and ‘_releasegroupcomment’ internally, and thus I have tagged many albums with tags ‘releasecomment’ and ‘releasegroupcomment’ (skipping the leading underscore).

Any chance this could be added or somehow unified? Or do I have to rescan and retag my library using ‘R_DISAMBIGUATION’ and ‘RG_DISAMBIGUATION’?

Hi—I don’t believe we actually have a tag mapping for the $releasegroupdisambig field. The canonical source of truth for this kind of question, FWIW, is in MediaFile:

We do have an $albumdisambig mapping, for example:

But not the one for release groups.

Thanks for the info. Any objections to involving someone from the Picard team here?

Rationale: I see there is a need for album disambiguation (apart from using the MB album ID), for folder naming use, and I strongly believe everything should be reconstructable from tags, and tags possibly unified so that others could also easily use these, like Picard, Mp3tag, and foobar2000, to name a few.

I’d like to suggest introducing two new ‘pseudo-official’ tags for the Release (=Album) Comment and the Releasegroup Comment. Btw, the reason I decided to use the release group comment is that the release comments are already quite polluted in MB with things like “limited edition” or so, whereas usually a good disambiguation comes from the release group. (Thinking of the Peter Gabriel albums all named “Peter Gabriel” but nicely separated by the release group comments “Car”, “Scratch”, “Melt” and “Security”, as an example.)

I feel beets’ approach of naming these “the MusicBrainz way” is much better than what I used before, because it clearly puts the tags in the “MusicBrainz” namespace. Ideally, this should of course be supported by the official MusicBrainz tagger, i.e. Picard. And others, if anyhow possible.

I opened ticket PICARD-1617 and proposed the same on Hydrogenaudio and Mp3tag, so this issue can stay in sync.

No objection whatsoever! Seems like a good idea. And thanks for opening all those other tickets for relevant software.

No problem. I love developing, but combining it with the hobby is best! Insofar I’m also just a user, trying to get the best out of existing software. That’s one of the reasons I love FOSS: working together and improving the world made easy! :slight_smile: