[SOLVED] Best way to reimport with new plugin?

Hey everyone,

Anyone know of a way to reimport an existing collection after adding a new plugin? Maybe it already does and I’m not understanding how import functions.

My idea is to run beets with all hardlinks for the music files then reimport after adding the extrafiles plugin to copy everything else, due to extrafiles not supporting hardlinks.

I’ve also just already copied a significant amount of files and want to simply update the library with the extrafiles plugin, hardlinked or not. I can settle for all copied if necessary.

Maybe I should “move” the library into the same directory? Not sure.

Looks like the way to do this is using the -I flag, had to keep searching the forums :slight_smile:

Is this “I” as in “incremental”? Thanks for updating the post.

Yeah. But, unless you have everything 100% perfectly matched, you have to do all the manual matches again. so it is a pain to run everything twice…

Not sure I follow. What are the “manual matches”?