[SOLVED] Best docker container to use

I’m getting a
MPD < 0.16.0 is not supported

I’m using the linuxserver docker dontainer and when I run

docker inspect -f '{{ index .Config.Labels "build_version" }}' beets

I get Linuxserver.io version:- 1.4.9-ls42...

Any help is appreciated.


Here’s a link to the linuxserver issue I made, in case its on their side.

Its the linuxserver people. Using this instead and it works!

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Best docker container to use

I’d say depending on what you’re looking for, LinuxServer images are pretty good. They included quite a bit and support all the supported plugins. If you have any issues with their images, they’re also pretty responsive to their GitHub Issue Tracker.

never responded to me. I think they are taking on more than they can handle tbh.

Haha, I feel where you’re coming from. But they have a huge set of contributors. I’ll see if I can come up with a solution tomorrow and make a PR. I’m also using this package, so may help me in the future :slight_smile:

Edit: Sorry for not seeing the issue above!