How do I use the BPD plugin to play music from my server?

I have the LinuxServer docker of beets running on my headless server. But I am unsure how to interface with it locally. The ArchWiki indicates edits must be made to /etc/mpd.conf (which won’t exist for me) and to PulseAudio’s config. Is there a beets-ordained way of going about this? How do I get a local client talking to BPD?

Hi! I’m afraid I don’t quite understand. BPD runs a server, so you’ll want to open a port in your docker container so you can connect to that server. What exactly is going wrong with that plan?

Recall that “real MPD” itself is not actually involved.

Hello! I have port 6600 open. I have both gmpc and EMMS, the media player for Emacs, displaying my library. I can even play and pause tracks through both but there’s no sound. I can’t select tracks to play through the EMMS interface, only see artists and interact with BPD’s current playlist. With gmpc, I am able to queue tracks etc.

I’m assuming this is a PulseAudio issue? Perhaps the LinuxServer container doesn’t include libpulse.

EDIT: I have tried with both M.A.L.P and MPDroid clients on my Galaxy S7. M.A.L.P. is able to show me artists and albums. When I attempt to play a track, it tries for a second (no audio) and then stops. MPDroid crashes on open.

This may be a question for the LinuxServer people—it sounds like your container needs access to the sound devices.

I have opened an issue here:

Thanks for troubleshooting with me and thanks for your work on Beets! It’s taken me almost five years to come back to my music collection and the only way I was able to rediscover my love for it was with Beets.