Skip albums with tracks with different length

How can I skip albums with tracks with length different from the length found in the Musicbraniz metadata database?

I tried to search in the documentation but I could not find a solution.

You could consider the match.ignored setting:

If you add track_length to that list, it should ignore all matches that have differing track lengths.

Strangely it doesn’t work.

I put this in my config file:

  ignore_video_tracks: no
  ignored: track_length

And an example album I user has been tagged:

/Volumes/EXT-DRIVE/Music/FullAlbums/0-9/2 Unlimited/Hits Unlimited (16 items)
    2 Unlimited - Hits Unlimited
(Similarity: 98.2%) (tracks) (CD, 1996, US, Critique Records, 01624 15446-2)
 * Do What's Good For Me          -> Do What's Good for Me
 * Get Ready For This             -> Get Ready for This
 * Jump For Joy                   -> Jump for Joy
 * Workaholic (2:33)              -> Workaholic (3:35) (length)
 * Let The Beat Control Your Body -> Let the Beat Control Your Body
 * Nothing Like The Rain          -> Nothing Like the Rain

Alas, I don’t see anything obviously wrong here! If it reliably doesn’t work, a good next step may be to file a bug with complete details.