Rewriting beet-fs

Hi, all. I have written an implementation of beetfs from the ground up using pyfuse3 after not being able to get the old beetfs to work some time ago and it is in a kind-of functioning state. I am looking for any more experienced python developers to help me fine-tune it, as it does not currently scale up to bigger library sizes. The codebase can be found here: GitHub - Abbotta4/beetfs: A rewrite of beetfs for beets

I am excited to pick up on some tips and skills developing with you all!


Wow! Just wanted to say this looks incredibly cool—nice work!


Hi @Abbott Thanks for actively developing for Beets. I was wondering what would be a use case for BeetsFS if the files are already on a harddrive that you can mount. I realize that this must be a real novice question :wink:

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For info on beetfs:

Are you aware of freezetag?

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