Return discogs IDs from beets library

So I’m just getting started with Beets. Still testing things and am not yet ready to run the full import. But I can already see it’s super powerful and what I’ve been looking for for a long time to sort out my messy music collection.

One of the queries I want to write is a way to check if I have a digital version of every record I have in my vinyl collection (I have my vinyl collection all logged in Discogs). And the inverse - which ones am I missing.

I’ve installed the Discogs plugin. I’ve manually entered a discogs URL as ID on a a test import. So far so good.
When printing out a list from beets collection, can I return Discogs IDs that are associated? I saw at the bottom of this list - - mention of paths from various plugins. But I can’t see anything specific to Discogs though.

n.b. not looking for beets to solve my end-to-end problem. Just to return some Discogs unique IDs that I can then manipulate further.

Yes! But only in the latest (unreleased) source, as of this pull request:

The plugin now puts the album ID in the $discogs_albumid field.

My timing is great then! So ill need to wait for the next release and then upgrade?

Yeah, or you can run from source! (There are instructions in the FAQ.)

Yes got it working with beet ls -f ‘$artist - $title - $discogs_albumid’

Now to write the full script to match with my collection :slight_smile: