Remove all tags of specific kind

Is it possible for beets to remove all ID3 tags or all APE tags from FLAC files? I want to leave the Vorbis comments intact.

Hello! Have you given the scrub plugin a try? It should do this sort of thing… if it doesn’t maybe we can enhance it to do so?

See also:

I thought about that, but all of my files are tagged “perfectly” and I do not want to pull down musicbrainz info and delete all my hard work. My question is, if scrub deletes all tag data and then creates new tags, then where is it getting this tag data?

From the beets database. (It doesn’t fetch new data from the Internet or anything.)

So, on import it copies the current tag data into the database and if scrub is enabled, it will delete everything and tag it from the database?
Does it copy all tags or just a subset?

Just the subset that beets supports. (You can type beet fields to see the list of fields beets is aware of.)