Output format with missing plugin


In my config file the output format with the missing plugin is defined as:

format: '$albumartist - $album: $track/$tracktotal $title'

But the output looks like the default:

albumartist - album - title

When defining the format with the command, the output is correct:

beet missing -f '$albumartist - $album: $track/$tracktotal $title'

How can I solve this?

Hi! That’s odd—can you paste the entire output of beet config to see what’s going on there?

Here it is:

directory: /data/mp3/beets
library: ~/.beets/musiclibrary.db
per_disc_numbering: yes
original_date: yes

    languages: en
    multidisc: 1 if disctotal > 1 else 0
    singledigitdisc: '''{:1n}''.format(disc)'

    default: '$data_source/$albumartist: ($year) $album%aunique{,country}/%if{$multidisc,$singledigitdisc}$track $title'
    comp: '$data_source/Various Artists: $album/%if{$multidisc,$singledigitdisc}$track $artist - $title'

    '[\\/]': _
    '[\x00-\x1f]': _
    ^\.: _
    \s+$: ''
    ^\s+: ''
    ^-: _

plugins: discogs chroma missing mbsync inline info importadded
    auto: no
    format: '$albumartist - $album: $track/$tracktotal $title'
    count: no
    total: no
    album: no
    preserve_mtimes: yes
    preserve_write_mtimes: yes
    apikey: REDACTED
    apisecret: REDACTED
    tokenfile: discogs_token.json
    source_weight: 0.5
    user_token: REDACTED
pathfields: {}
album_fields: {}

Aha; it looks like it may be a docs problem: the config seems to have changed to use format_album and format_item separately, without updating the docs. Could you give that a shot and see if it works?

I’ve changed it, but the output stays the same.

    format_item: '$albumartist - $album: $track/$tracktotal $title'
    format_album: '$albumartist: ($year) $album'

Furthermore, when searching for missing albums with beet missing -a even the option -f doesn’t show any effect.

When defining format_item in the global options, the output format of beet missing is correct.

Whereas defining format_album globally still ignores the custom format.

Agh, sorry for the misleading discussion here! I looked again and it seems like the plugin doesn’t use its own format configuration at all anymore. It just uses the global options. This change was introduced (long ago) here:

And corrected here:

The change was an effort to centralize common configuration options. In any case, the docs are wrong and that option should not be listed.

OK, thanks!

As written above, format_item in the global options now works with beet missing.

But format_album does not (while it does with beet list -a). Why is that so?

Hmm, that I’m not sure about. Could be a bug?