Picard and beets

Hi all,

with Picard and the Tango.info plugin I often get the date of recording of the old tango shellacs. Picard stores it in DATE. I am using flac files. The values are stored in the flac vorbis comments. I controlled it with VLC. But they don’t show up after a “beet up”.

beet up always worked when I change a tag in EasyTag but with Picard it does not work.

How can I update the beet database?

Can you clarify what’s going on with an example? For instance, maybe you can show the output of beet info or another tool that lists the data you want to pick up, and then show a beet ls -f '...format...' command that you wish produced the same value.

Picard found the recording date. Look at the date 1942-01-08

After saving the file, the metadata is in the file.

This is what VLC shows me:

But beet does not get the changes after a beet up.

beet info Troilo Malena
/home/juh/Musik/Aníbal Troilo/Tinta Roja/02 Malena (canta Fiorentino).flac
               album: Tinta Roja
         albumartist: Aníbal Troilo
                 art: False
              artist: Francisco Fiorentino
            bitdepth: 16
             bitrate: 328478
                 bpm: 0
            channels: 2
            comments: Canta Francisco Fiorentino
                comp: False
            composer: Lucio Demare – Homero Manzi
                date: 1941-01-01
                disc: 126
           disctotal: 0
              format: FLAC
               genre: Tango
              genres: Tango
              length: 178.85333333333332
            lyricist: Homero Manzi
       original_year: 0
          samplerate: 44100
               title: Malena (canta Fiorentino)
               track: 2
          tracktotal: 0
                year: 1941

Hmm; that’s interesting! We should be reading the date field. Two questions:

  • Does the file also have a YEAR metadata field that conflicts? Any other date-containing fields that look suspicious or that hold the 1941 date?
  • What does the output for beet -v update '/home/juh/Musik/Aníbal Troilo/Tinta Roja/02 Malena (canta Fiorentino).flac' look like?

Hi Adrian,

things become clearer.

First Question:

Yes, it has a year tag with 1941.

Second Question:

I was blind and didn’t saw that I messed up my library paths.

beet info shows the wrong path:

~/Musik instead of ~/beet.

I only saw this now.

My config is ok AFAICS:

$ beet config
directory: ~/beet
    never_convert_lossy_files: yes
    copy_album_art: yes
    dest: ~/ogg
    format: ogg
    command: oggenc -q 6 $source -o $dest
    auto: no
    pretend: no
    embed: yes
    threads: 8
    album_art_maxwidth: 0
    quiet: no

    paths: {}
        mp3: ffmpeg -i $source -y -vn -aq 2 $dest
            extension: m4a
            command: ffmpeg -i $source -y -vn -acodec libfaac -aq 100 $dest
        flac: ffmpeg -i $source -y -vn -acodec flac $dest
            extension: m4a
            command: ffmpeg -i $source -y -vn -acodec alac $dest
        wma: ffmpeg -i $source -y -vn -acodec wmav2 -vn $dest
        ogg: ffmpeg -i $source -y -vn -acodec libvorbis -aq 3 $dest
        opus: ffmpeg -i $source -y -vn -acodec libopus -ab 96k $dest
    max_bitrate: 500

plugins: play edit convert export mbcollection mbsubmit info

    albumtype:audiobook: Audiobooks/$album/$track $title
library: ~/beetdata/musiclibrary.db
    command: vlc
    warning_threshold: 100
    use_folders: no
    raw: no

    incremental: yes
    languages: de
    default_format: json
            indent: 4
            ensure_ascii: no
            separators: [',', ': ']
            sort_keys: yes
    itemfields: track title artist album
    albumfields: album albumartist
    ignore_fields: id path

To answer the second question:

(py3) juh@sokrates:~$ beet -v update /home/juh/Musik/Aníbal\ Troilo/Tinta\ Roja/02\ Malena\ \(canta\ Fiorentino\).flac 
user configuration: /home/juh/.config/beets/config.yaml
data directory: /home/juh/.config/beets
plugin paths: 
Sending event: pluginload
library database: /home/juh/beetdata/musiclibrary.db
library directory: /home/juh/beet
Sending event: library_opened
skipping /home/juh/Musik/Aníbal Troilo/Tinta Roja/02 Malena (canta Fiorentino).flac because mtime is up to date (1492446577.0)
Sending event: cli_exit

Eventually, I copied the file to the Musik-folder, because this is the location for my dj files. I did this with beet move -c -d.

I guess that beet now thinks the file has to be in this folder. My understanding was that it only copied the file and recorded this in the database as a convert or export command. But I fear that beet now treats the copied file as the canonical file of its library.

This behaviour seems consistent to me if I had moved a file into another folder. But after a copy command I would think that beet signals to me that there is a duplicate in the library and ask which one it should treat as the canonical file defaulting to the file in the configured library folder.

So what is the best way to skip all files in ~/Musik and update the database from the files in ~/beet which were altered by Picard.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Hmm… if you have some items in your library that you don’t want there, beet rm is what you want; and if you have a directory of files you want in your library, you can import them. So perhaps you just need to remove old files and add the new ones?

I just try beet -AC to sort this out.

And I removed the unwanted files with

beet remove -f path::^/home/juh/Musik

Now all is consolidated.

In the future I might split the path up again, so that I can easily use certain files with my dj software in a special path. But for now I will leave everything under ~/beet/.

But it still does not work as expected:

(py3) juh@sokrates:~$ beet info "Y la perdi"
/home/juh/beet/Aníbal Troilo/Romance de barrio/13 Y La Perdi.flac
            album: Romance de barrio - 1947-1948
      albumartist: Aníbal Troilo
 albumartist_sort: Troilo, Aníbal
              art: False
           artist: Floreal Ruiz
      artist_sort: Troilo, Aníbal feat. Ruiz, Floreal
             asin: B0002U87KS
         bitdepth: 16
          bitrate: 375935
       catalognum: 82876633402
         channels: 2
         comments: Canta Floreal Ruiz
         composer: Antonio Rodio – José Maria Contursi
          country: AR
             date: 1947-10-07
              day: 7
             disc: 135
        disctotal: 1
           format: FLAC
            genre: Tango
           genres: Tango
            label: BMG Argentina
           length: 210.74666666666667
 mb_albumartistid: 9a7f8969-387f-4161-b643-4b0e733f8d64
       mb_albumid: e9166ebf-c7f6-4aa8-9a79-96619390f55a
      mb_artistid: 9a7f8969-387f-4161-b643-4b0e733f8d64
mb_releasegroupid: 503804fe-8b3d-36e4-8fcc-bb29f46626ca
       mb_trackid: 8dcd4fc4-f293-48c4-99af-f769dc8dabb6
            media: CD
            month: 10
    original_date: 2004-01-01
    original_year: 2004
       samplerate: 44100
           script: Latn
            title: Y la perdi
            track: 13
       tracktotal: 17
             year: 1947
(py3) juh@sokrates:~$ beet ls date:1947-10-07
(py3) juh@sokrates:~$ 

beet got the date info, but does not find the file in a query.

Can you find the item by querying on the “year” field? Have you tried listing the date with beet ls -f?

With year I can find it, date does not seem to be a valid field.

beet ls Y la Perdi -f '$date'



instead of the string.

Ah yes, good point—we don’t currently have a date field in the beets database; the release date is stored separately as $year, $month, and $day. It shows up in the info output (without -l), however, because we do have a file-level abstraction for it.

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