Output clarification

I am not sure I understand this output correctly:

/Volumes/public/music/Bands/Alice In Chains/1990 [Facelift] (12 items)
Correcting tags from:
    Alice In Chains - Facelift
    Alice in Chains - Facelift
(Similarity: 100.0%) (CD, 1990, XE, CBS, 01-467201-10, on Medium: BIEM)
 * Man In The Box              -> Man in the Box
 * Sea Of Sorrow               -> Sea of Sorrow
 * Bleed The Freak             -> Bleed the Freak
 * I Can't Remember            -> I Can’t Remember
 * It Ain't Like That          -> It Ain’t Like That
 * I Know Somethin' (Bout You) -> I Know Somethin (Bout You)

/Volumes/public/music/Bands/Alice In Chains/1992 [Dirt] (13 items)
Finding tags for album "Alice In Chains - Dirt".
1. Alice in Chains - Facelit/Dirt/Alice in Chains (54.1%) (missing tracks, album, year, ...) (3xCD, 2003, GB)
2. Alice in Chains - Alice in Chains (43.1%) (tracks, album, unmatched tracks, ...) (CD, 1995, CA, Columbia, CK 67248, purple artwork)
3. Alice in Chains - Alice in Chains (43.1%) (tracks, album, unmatched tracks, ...) (CD, 1995, XE, Columbia, 01-481114-10)
4. Alice in Chains - Alice in Chains (43.0%) (tracks, album, unmatched tracks, ...) (2x12" Vinyl, 1995, US, Columbia, C2 67248)
5. Alice in Chains - Alice in Chains (41.8%) (tracks, album, missing tracks, ...) (CD, 1995, JP, Sony Records, SRCS 8192)
# selection (default 1), Skip, Use as-is, as Tracks, Group albums,
Enter search, enter Id, aBort, eDit, edit Candidates?

For one it has a musicbrainz URL and claims a similarity of 100%. But then again it wants to change some track titles, and offers candidates - none of which are a better match. Yet, default would be to pick #1 at at 54.1%.

I guess I should probably use skip or use as-is. But for one I am not sure what the difference is between the two, and - what about the title changes?

Would be great it someone could help me out based on the above example.

Maybe it would help to know that those are two different albums. Beets applied the first change automatically, without a prompt, and then moved on to a second album.

The beets distance calculation does not “penalize” changes that are only in capitalization and punctuation.

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Ah! So it applied those changes automatically on the “Facelift” album,
but is asking me what to do about “Dirt”.
I totally misread that. Thanks!

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