Newb questions

Forgive my newness… I have lots of questions
one i felt strongly enough to ask about on here was surround other art assets besides the cover. On the musicbrainz website i see often see items like the back, booklets, spine. Would using the fetchart plugin and specifying the art names in the config file grab these items (if available) also?

I see these items come in with NZB’s often and i guess i’m just wondering how people do it programmatically instead of doing the legwork and manually compiling the art on each Cd.

Another question i have is editing metadata, I tried enabling the edit plugin and adding a system environment variable using EDITOR as a variable and pointing it directly to notepad.exe and i get this error message…not sure what i’m doing wrong, google is no help, and i can’t find any previous posts on the forum that have had this problem.

C:\Users\downloader>beet edit -a significant other
error: could not run editor command 'start': [WinError 2] The system cannot find the file specified

The fetchart plugin currently only fetches “front” art from the Cover Art Archive. Here’s a thread proposing to generalize that:

About setting $EDITOR on Windows: I don’t know enough about Windows to see the true problem here, but you might consider setting it to a full path, like C:\Windows\System32\notepad.exe.

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Is there another way i can edit a specific meta data field ? without it being an all or nothing thing…I considered using the musicbrainz gui platform to do this…but that would pose it’s own problems and cause inconsistencies in the beets db.

There’s the modify command, which lets you edit metadata on the command line.

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Sorry, I probably should have phrased my question better, Is there another way i can SEE all of the metadata for query and edit it

for example, i want to change the medium for a the album significant other from vynal to CD…but i don’t know what metadata field is dictating that it is a vynal album , how would i see a “birdseye” view of metadata fields of an album?

If i know what i need to change, yes i can use the modify command from there

One option would be to try the info plugin in its -L mode to dump out all the metadata for a given track:

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you, sir, are my hero. Thank you!

My apologies for the novice questions, I’m learning as i go

for completeness, I’ve done enough tinkering to get the “edit” plugin to work on windows and here’s a couple things i found along the way…please include this in the documentation for windows users

Enable the edit plugin (of course)

Set a “System” Variable name as “EDITOR” (no quotes) the value can simply be notepad.exe, if you prefer to use a different text editor, then you will need to browse to the file. NOTE: The path CANNOT contain spaces.

If the variable is not working for any reason and you need to make adjustments you MUST start a new command prompt instance. Simply making adjustments to the environment variable and using the same command prompt instance does not get the latest changes to an environment variable.

in hindsight…the info plugin was what I was really after here. I thought the edit plugin was going to allow for a dummy version way of editing all metadata , the edit command allows easier track organization or reordering, but not much else in my case.