Fetchart: how to fetch not only the cover

I’m wondering: is there a way to tell fetchart to just download everything it finds, not only the cover but also (if available) back cover, booklet etc.? I tried to read the docs of fetchart, but couldn’t quite find where I should tinker.

I don’t think is currently possible with fetchart; sorry!

Thanks for the quick reply! Another question: When the path configuration splits an album over several folders, is there a way to put the albumart into each of them, or will it choose one at random?

I goes in the directory with the first track.

Why only ‘currently’, Adrian? Sounds like a useless feature.

Sorry, I don’t think I understand. Are you saying that the feature you’re proposing would be useless? I just said “currently” because that’s literally true: beets doesn’t currently have that feature, but it changes all the time, and who knows what the future will hold? People contribute new features all the time!

Heh, you mistook me for the OP. :slight_smile: I’m against feature creep, and think the OP’s need is too niche to be implemented.

Oops! Sorry about that! I read the usernames too quickly. :flushed:

I’m not requesting it, I’m just asking if it’s already implemented. It would have been convenient, but as you point out, there is no real need to implement it.