Multiple "Artist" - i just want the first one!

Some songs in an album feature multiple artists. But my car’s mp3 player lists albums by artist. so if there is one song in the album that has a 2nd artist, it isn’t recognized as being part of the album!

e.g… in the song below, it is’t included with the album because it appears to be by a different artist to the car’s system.
albumartist: LeAnn Rimes
albumartist_credit: LeAnn Rimes
albumartist_sort: Rimes, LeAnn
artist: LeAnn Rimes duet with Eddy Arnold
artist_credit: LeAnn Rimes duet with Eddy Arnold
mb_albumartistid: 9092d8e1-9b38-4372-a96d-000b8561a8bc
mb_artistid: 9092d8e1-9b38-4372-a96d-000b8561a8bc

So how does one configure beets such that only 1 artist is used for the entire album? is there a feature whereby we can say just to list the first artist?

thank you!

We don’t currently have an option for that; sorry! You might be interested in this proposal:

Apparently, your car can’t distinguish between artist and album artist. I have the same issue, but I don’t blame beets: it does what it should, i.e. tag music with metadata from MusicBrainz. Try tagging your music with Discogs. I think they put featured artists in the title, so your albums won’t get split.

Its a 2013 BMW X3. Apparently it is using the “artist” tag instead of “albumartist” or “albumartist_sort”… which i guess i can also understand the confusion. No blame for anyone. I think the answer is, as suggested above, the ability to template out the tagging fields such as artist. It seems like people have many other uses for it as well.

i solved this with
first_artist: albumartist.split(', ',1)[0:1][0]

because, almost every time, the first artist in the albumartist field is the “primary” artist.